5 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Photos

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If you are not custom to stand in front of a camera, no matter how much you spruce yourself and get ready for the big day, the thought of standing in front of a camera can still be very stressful. Whether you think of yourself as photogenic or not, the following tips will show you some incredibly simple ways to get the most out of your photos.

Just ask any photographer and he’ll tell you that you don’t have to be a model to look beautiful in pictures. Anyone can be photogenic, and surprisingly – the path to it involves a fairly few simple steps.

Fill at ease with your photographer

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If it’s important for you to get the most out of your wedding photos, schedule a meeting with your photographer before the big day and think together about ideas for the kinds of photos you want to take on your wedding day. Beyond that goal, such a meeting will serve another purpose, which is to get to know each other better, and as a result, you’ll likely feel more comfortable on your wedding day, which will allow you to be much more relaxed with the photographer – in both regular and creative images, and when there is good chemistry with the photographer, you will most definitely get much more beautiful wedding photos.

Get Rid Of Your Tension

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The thought of being the focus of the camera during your big day is likely to create some pressure on you at one level or another. But if you feel this pressure puts you out fo ease or restlessness, it’s very important to get rid of it. Do what you need to get free – physically, mentally, or both – so as not to stand frozen and tense in front of the camera, because it will show up in the photos, and the result will be accordingly. Some methods to loosen up at the most physical level include jumping in place, swinging the arms freely in all directions like spaghetti is thrown into the air, making excessive movements with the tongue and mouth and more… (you can understand the idea). On a mental level, you can try to explain to yourself that no one is perfect and that you are going to have fun with the camera instead of seeing it as an enemy who is judging you, because why not? See what works for you and go with it.

The Look and the Beauty Does not matter as your Confidence

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It’s in your best interest that on your big day you will shine. Because when you look in the mirror when you are dressed in glory, neat and glamorous, and in the case of the bride – you also have your makeup neatly. What you need to do is to feel the boost of self-confidence you got from looking in the mirror and nurture it. The camera reflects both high and low self-confidence, and the more satisfaction and completeness you feel with each click of the camera, you will get more photos that you look wonderful at.

Keep On Moving

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If we exclude the group photos with the whole family for a moment, you have a lot of photos alone and especially as a couple. In these photos, try not to stay in one place, but to move as much as possible, whether it is to go towards the camera, jump in the air, skip over, or just change your pose at the last-minute. All of these motions will help avoid being freeze, and causing your appearance to look stressed and tense. When you’re in motion, many times the result is much more real and natural, which is always beautiful and flattering.

Keep Your Back Straight!

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One of the important technical things about pictures is to keep your back upright. Even if you are naturally bent forward, Keep Your Back Straight. Try to be as upright as possible, whether sitting or standing, but of course not at a level that looks like a pillar or something else that is not natural. If you know you will forget to straighten up, you can ask one of your chaperons to be responsible for reminding you whenever needed.

And REMEMBER – the wedding day will pass quickly, but the photos will remain for good … so they are well worth the investment!

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