How to See Before and After in Lightroom

Press Y to switch to the Before/ After Left/Right view

One key strength of Lightroom is that it uses non-destructive editing. All the adjustments you make to your images are stored as a list of changes. So, it is pretty easy for Lightroom to let you turn those changes on and off. Yet Lightroom also has a few different ways you can do this. There … Read more

How To Use Masking in Lightroom

Masking in Lightroom

Sophisticated masking was once considered the domain of Photoshop. Lightroom Classic now includes some powerful masking options built-in. Masking is a central technique to help you take your photo editing to a higher level. In this article, we take a look at all the different ways you can mask your images in Lightroom Classic. What … Read more

How to Zoom in Lightroom

How to Zoom in Lightroom

To work quickly and accurately in Lightroom Classic you must be able to efficiently navigate your image. Sometimes you need to see the full image. Other times viewing the fine details is crucial. Speedy navigation from one view to the next is a real time saver. Zooming in and out on your image might seem … Read more

How To Blur The Background in Lightroom

How to blur the background in Lightroom

Shooting with a wide aperture gives a nice separation between the subject and the background. The shallow depth of field smooths unwanted detail that might compete with the subject. So, the question often arises—how do you achieve that when you shot with a larger depth of field? Or, when your lenses aren’t quite up to … Read more

How to Dodge and Burn in Lightroom

Before and After - Post-Crop Vignetting

When you start post-processing your images, there is a lot to learn. Dodge and burn can sound complicated and unattainable at first. Or, downright confusing. In fact, it is a very simple and powerful technique. Used effectively, it will add depth and dimension to your photography. This article breaks down the mystery of dodge and … Read more

How To Use Color Grading In Lightroom Classic?

How To Use Color Grading In Lightroom?

We know you have been there. Staring at a photograph that feels a bit flat and wondering what you can do. The color temperature has been corrected and you’ve added some punch with tone adjustments. Yet, it doesn’t quite have the impact you were hoping for. Color grading is the technique you need to break … Read more

How To Whiten Teeth In Lightroom Classic

How To Whiten Teeth In Lightroom Classic

Teeth whitening is one of the basic editing skills that every photographer should know. If you shoot people it is essential. Whilst teeth are not completely white, they can very often appear dull and off-color in photos. Brightening and whitening your subject’s teeth adds life and definition to your images. This edit is widely used … Read more

How To Rotate A Photo In Lightroom

How To Rotate A Photo In Lightroom

Crooked horizons, leaning verticals. We all know there are times we get these lines a little off when composing a shot. You may also find you have some sideways or upside-down photos in your shoots. To correct these issues, you need to know how to rotate your photos into position during editing. Lightroom Classic (LrC) … Read more

How To Outline An Image Or an Object in Photoshop

How To Outline An Image Or an Object in Photoshop

Do you want to draw an outline around your photo or maybe around a specific subject in your image? There are a ton of options, ways, and methods to outline a photo or a subject with Adobe Photoshop like using the Select Subject option, Object Selection Tool, Quick Selection Tool, Magic Wand Tool, Etc. To … Read more

How To Remove White Background In Photoshop

How To Remove ANY White Background In Photoshop

What are the best ways to remove white background from a photo using adobe photoshop? There are a ton of different ways, Like: Remove Background Button Object Selection Tool Magic Wand tool Lasso mode Pen tool Object Selection tool Using Blend Modes Using Channels In this guide, we’ll show you the best 6 to use.  … Read more

What Is Image Masking and How it Works?

What is Image Masking?

Images play a vital role in our daily life, whether you are an online business owner or a photographer. So it is crucial to make photos more attractive as they contain all details about the subject. Using any editing tools, you can easily make your image better than before. Among the various editing tools, masking … Read more

How To Add Watermarks In Lightroom

How to add watermarks in Lightroom - Featured image

Adding a watermark to your photos is a simple thing to do in the export process.  The process includes a few options and stages: So let’s dive in. How to make a watermark in Adobe Lightroom Classic there are 2 main types of watermarks: To make a simple text watermark or graphic watermark, go to … Read more

How To Batch Edit In Lightroom

How To Batch Edit In Lightroom Classic - Featured image

Do you have some big shoots and looking to edit all your photos without sitting for days in front of your computer? When you have dozens or even hundreds of photos to edit, the task can seem daunting. This is the time to harness the real power of Lightroom Classic (LrC). Lightroom makes managing and … Read more

How To Fix Overexposed Photos In Lightroom

How To Fix Overexposed Photos In Lightroom - Before and After

It is impossible for anyone to always hit the perfect exposure. So, learning how to handle an overexposed image is an essential skill for every photographer. In the world of digital photography, cameras are generally quite good at capturing detail in the shadows. They can be lightened and overall image balance restored. Overexposed files are … Read more

How To Remove Shadows in Lightroom

How To Remove Shadows in Lightroom - Before and After

If you shoot outdoors in natural light, you will know how common it can be to have less than ideal lighting conditions. Harsh shadows can be distracting and too often obscure important details in your image. For portraiture, the issue is especially frustrating. Strong contrasty light can create some very unflattering looks, and the eyes … Read more

How To Remove Glare From Glasses In Lightroom

How To Remove Glare From Glasses In Lightroom

Sitting down to edit your images and finding some unwanted glasses glare can be extremely annoying. Everyone will be quick to tell you that the best answer is to prevent glare when shooting the image. We all know that does not always happen, though. So when you have no choice but to edit the glare … Read more

How to Use Lightroom – Introduction for Beginners

How to Use Lightroom - Featured image

Are you ready to take your photos to a new level? Venturing into the world of post-production can feel daunting at first. The rewards are immense, and you may very quickly find Lightroom indispensable. Lightroom Classic is a very powerful and efficient program specifically targeted towards working with photography. Essentially, it is an all-in-one program … Read more

How to Export Photos From Lightroom Classic


After you are done with the editing process. Now it’s time to export the photos from Lightroom. Choose the photo or photos that you want to export with the same settings, Right-click on your mouse, and pick Export > Export. Another way is: File > Export Or, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+E. Or, … Read more

How to Import Photos Into Lightroom Classic

Import Definitions

When you are working with Lightroom, you will need to import your photos into Lightroom. You will basically create a connection between the original files and the Lightroom Catalog. If you will change the location of the files the connection will break and you won’t be able to work on those files (until you’ll renew … Read more