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Best Action Cameras for Mountain Biking | 2024 Update

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Best Action Cameras for Mountain Biking

If you’re an MTB enthusiast like me, you know that capturing the adrenaline-pumping moments on the trails is half the fun.

But can just any camera withstand the bumps, dust, and high-speed action?

The answer is a resounding “No!” That’s why I’ve done the legwork for you to find the best action cameras specifically designed for mountain biking.

And let me tell you, the GoPro HERO 11 BLACK easily tops the list, setting a new standard for durability and performance.

So, gear up and get ready to make every ride unforgettable with the right action camera by your side.

Let’s dive right in!

Here are my top action cameras for mountain biking in 2024


GoPro HERO11 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 27MP Photos, 1/1.9' Image Sensor, Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization

Best Overall



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GoPro HERO11 Black Mini - Compact Waterproof Action Camera with 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 24.7MP Frame Grabs, 1/1.9' Image Sensor, Live Streaming, Stabilization

Best Compact

GoPro HERO11 Black Mini


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GoPro MAX — Waterproof 360 + Traditional Camera with Touch Screen Spherical 5.6K30 HD Video 16.6MP 360 Photos 1080p Live Streaming Stabilization

Best 360° Camera For MTB

GoPro MAX Camera


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INSTA360 GO 3 (128GB) – Small & Lightweight Action Camera, Portable and Versatile, Hands-Free POV, Mount Anywhere, Stabilization, Multifunctional Action Pod, Waterproof, for Travel, Sports, Vlog

Smallest Action Cam For MTB

Insta360 GO 3


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Insta360 ONE RS Twin Edition – Waterproof 4K 60fps Action Camera & 5.7K 360 Camera with Interchangeable Lenses, Stabilization, 48MP Photo, Active HDR, AI Editing

Best Modular Design

Insta360 ONE RS


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DJI Osmo Action 4 Adventure Combo - 4K/120fps Waterproof Action Camera with a 1/1.3-Inch Sensor, 10-bit & D-Log M Color Performance, Up to 7.5 h with 3 Batteries, Outdoor Camera for Travel, Biking

Widest Field of View Without 360°

DJI Osmo Action 4


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AKASO Brave 8 4K60FPS Action Camera, 48MP Photo Touch Screen Waterproof Super Wide Angle 16x Slo-mo SuperSmooth Stabilization Underwater Camera with Remote Control Helmet Accessories

Best Budget Cam for MTB

Akaso Brave 8


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GoPro HERO 11 BLACK: The Pinnacle of Action Cameras for Mountain Biking Enthusiasts

GoPro HERO11 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 27MP Photos, 1/1.9' Image Sensor, Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization

Price Tag: On the higher end
Sensor Size: Larger for superior quality
Resolution Levels: Elevated for sharp videos
Battery Longevity: Extended for continuous use
Automatic Cloud Storage: Enabled during recharge
Stabilization Tech: HyperSmooth 5.0 with Horizon Lock

Why Choose GoPro HERO 11 BLACK for Your Mountain Biking Journeys?

  • Exceptional video and photo capabilities
  • Long battery life suitable for extensive trails
  • Auto-upload to cloud and instant highlight videos
  • Market-leading video stabilization features
  • Broad compatibility with various mounts and accessories

Ever thought about why GoPro HERO 11 BLACK should be your top choice for mountain biking videos? Let’s break it down. This isn’t just a camera. It’s your on-the-go production studio.

Imagine this: You’re tearing down a rugged trail, and this compact-sized device captures each nuance. Jumps, sharp turns, and yes, even the inevitable slips are recorded with cinematic quality. HyperSmooth 5.0 ensures your adrenaline-pumping moments look professionally steady.

What Sets the HERO 11 BLACK Apart? (More than just a 4k action camera)

Quality that Speaks Volumes

The larger image sensor and higher resolution mean your videos will pop with clarity. Under various lighting conditions, this GoPro version consistently delivered. It’s your pocket-sized cinematographer.

Battery for the Marathon, Not the Sprint

Who likes recharging after every short ride? The GoPro HERO 11 BLACK lasted me around 2.5 hours on a 4K setting, which is better than any other action camera I’ve tried.

The Intelligent Cloud Upload

The instant you connect it to a power source, it starts uploading your footage to the cloud. It even creates a highlight reel. Share it instantly or relive your best mountain biking feats—it’s your call.

Steady Does It

I’ve tried several action cameras for mountain biking, but the HERO 11 BLACK’s HyperSmooth 5.0 technology outperforms them all. The Horizon Lock feature makes your rocky adventures appear smoother than they felt.

Versatility in Accessories

With compatibility for more than 40 mounts and accessories, customization is limitless. Whether it’s a helmet mount, handlebar mount, or even a dog mount, this camera accommodates all.

Gotchas with the HERO 11 BLACK?

The Price Tag

Quality and advanced features come at a cost. If you’re serious about capturing your MTB adventures, the investment is justified.

Choices, So Many Choices

The array of features and settings could be daunting for beginners. But don’t worry, mastering them is part of the adventure.

Ideal For Who?

The GoPro HERO 11 BLACK is for the dedicated mountain biker who wants to capture every exciting, nail-biting second in high definition. If quality and adaptability are high on your list, look no further.

Still on the fence? Keep reading for more great options. But if you aim to immortalize your mountain biking exploits, the GoPro HERO 11 BLACK is your go-to gadget. It doesn’t just record moments; it turns them into epics.


GoPro HERO11 Black Mini: Best Compact Action Camera for MTB Enthusiasts

GoPro HERO11 Black Mini - Compact Waterproof Action Camera with 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video, 24.7MP Frame Grabs, 1/1.9' Image Sensor, Live Streaming, Stabilization

Price: Not Cheap, But Worth It
Video Capabilities: 5.3K at 60 Frames Per Second
Stabilization Tech: HyperSmooth 5.0 with Horizon Lock
Battery Longevity: Enhanced via Enduro Technology
Unique Selling Point: Creative Night Modes for After-Dark Filming

Reasons to Choose GoPro HERO11 Black Mini

  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Unmatched 5.3K Video Resolution
  • HyperSmooth 5.0 for Stabilized Footage
  • Night Photography with Unique Modes
  • Wide Compatibility with Over 40 Mounts and Accessories

Considering upgrading your mountain biking video gear? Say hello to the GoPro HERO11 Black Mini, a camera designed to not just document your adventures but to amplify them.

What Sets the HERO11 Black Mini Apart?

Crystal-Clear Video Quality

The 5.3K video at 60FPS makes your footage pop in a way that has to be seen to be believed. This isn’t your average action camera; this is next-level videography.

Ultra-Steady Recording

Gone are the days of shaky, hard-to-watch mountain biking videos. HyperSmooth 5.0 and Horizon Lock technology ensure that your footage remains steady, even on the bumpiest trails.

Modes for Nighttime Adventures

Mountain biking isn’t just for daylight hours. The HERO11 Black Mini offers Star Trails, Light Painting, and Night Lapse Video modes, giving you creative freedom even after the sun goes down.

Vast Accessory Compatibility

The HERO11 Black Mini can be paired with over 40 different mounts, mods, and accessories. The sky’s the limit when it comes to capturing your unique point of view.

Points to Consider

Investment Level Price

High-image quality comes at a cost. The HERO11 Black Mini is an investment, but one that will pay off with the quality of content you’ll be able to create.

Additional Costs for Accessories

To make the most out of this camera, you’ll likely want to invest in mounts and mods, which are an additional expense.

Ideal User Profile

This camera is made for those who take mountain biking and content creation seriously. Cheaper alternatives exist, but they can’t match the all-around package offered by the HERO11 Black Mini.

Personal Experience

On a recent mountain biking trip, this camera captured a nail-biting moment when I narrowly avoided a falling tree branch. The footage was impeccably smooth, and thanks to voice control, even my reaction was captured in real-time.

Customer Support Insights

When I had an issue with cloud uploading, GoPro’s customer service was beyond helpful. They not only resolved my issue but also shared tips for capturing even better footage in the future.

So, are you ready to make your mountain biking videos as thrilling as the ride itself? The GoPro HERO11 Black Mini offers a complete package for anyone serious about capturing high-quality action footage. The investment is significant, but the payoff is priceless.


GoPro MAX Camera: The Best 360-degree camera for Mountain Biking

GoPro MAX — Waterproof 360 + Traditional Camera with Touch Screen Spherical 5.6K30 HD Video 16.6MP 360 Photos 1080p Live Streaming Stabilization

Price Tier: High-end
Resolution: Ultra-clear 6K
Waterproof Level: Up to 16 feet deep
Audio Capabilities: Six built-in microphones
Storage Options: microSD card, Class 10 or UHS-1 rating required

What Makes the GoPro MAX So Special for Mountain Bikers?

In the realm of mountain biking, a GoPro MAX isn’t just a camera; it’s a storytelling tool. Want to document your entire biking experience from multiple angles? This device does it effortlessly, letting you toggle between 360-degree views, traditional HERO shots, and even vlogging. Ever wish you could capture the lush scenery as you navigate a winding forest trail? This camera is your go-to solution.

Here’s What Sets the GoPro MAX Apart

Multiple Capture Modes: One Camera, Many Possibilities

The beauty of the GoPro MAX lies in its three-in-one capture ability. Whether you’re interested in a 360-degree panoramic view, a traditional HERO-style video, or even a crisp vlog, this camera has got you covered. One of my most memorable rides was transformed into an epic video montage, thanks to these versatile shooting modes.

6K Resolution: Because Every Detail Matters

How clear is 6K resolution? So clear that you’ll feel like you’re reliving the experience just by watching the video. The GoPro MAX brings your mountain biking adventures to life in stunning visual detail.

Rock-Solid Stabilization: Smooth Footage, Every Time

Navigating rocky trails? No problem. The GoPro MAX features unbreakable stabilization technology. Believe me, even my most jarring rides looked like professionally shot footage.

Six-Microphone Audio: Capture the Full Experience

From the crunching of gravel under your tires to the rustling leaves in the wind, the GoPro MAX’s six microphones record high-quality audio that enhances your video footage. It’s like bringing your audience along for the ride.

Built to Endure: Ready for Anything

Water splashes and accidental drops are no match for this rugged camera. I once dropped it in a stream and it kept on filming as if nothing happened!

A Few Considerations

Premium Pricing: Quality Comes at a Cost

This 360-degree action camera is a bit on the pricey side. It’s an investment, but for those who are serious about capturing top-notch footage, it’s an investment worth making.

Learning Curve: Takes Time to Master

While the Quik app is extremely powerful, it can be a bit daunting for first-timers. That said, a little practice goes a long way in mastering this editing tool.

Is the GoPro MAX Right for You?

If capturing professional-level video footage of your mountain biking escapades is a priority, the GoPro MAX is your dream device. It offers a suite of unique features designed to make every ride unforgettable. If budget is a concern, there are less expensive options out there. But for those who demand the best, this camera is worth every penny.

Ready to elevate your mountain biking experiences from simple rides to epic adventures? Why just talk about it when you can show it in cinematic splendor? With the GoPro MAX, you can do just that.


Insta360 GO 3: Smallest Action Cam For MTB

INSTA360 GO 3 (128GB) – Small & Lightweight Action Camera, Portable and Versatile, Hands-Free POV, Mount Anywhere, Stabilization, Multifunctional Action Pod, Waterproof, for Travel, Sports, Vlog

Price Range: Mid-level
Weight Factor: Super lightweight at 35g or 1.2oz
Battery Duration: Extends to 170 minutes with the Action Pod
Video Specs: Sharp 2.7K resolution
Water-Resistance: Dive up to 16 feet, or 5 meters

What Makes Insta360 GO 3 a Must-Have?

Looking for an action camera that’s as versatile and rugged as your MTB adventures? The Insta360 GO 3 is an excellent choice. This camera delivers not just on technology but also on user experience.

Wondering Why Insta360 GO 3 Is Such a Big Deal?

Picture capturing your uphill climb, the peak’s stunning view, and the thrilling descent. All of it in high-quality video. Sounds like a dream, right? With Insta360 GO 3, it’s reality.

The Benefits: What Makes Insta360 GO 3 Stand Out?

Ultra-Portable Design

The Insta360 GO 3 weighs just 35g, making it the world’s most portable action camera. Say goodbye to bulky setups; the magnetic mount sticks securely even when you’re conquering challenging trails.

Smooth Stabilization

Worried about shaky footage during rapid descents? Insta360 GO 3’s FlowState Stabilization ensures gimbal-like steadiness. In a real-world test, I attached it to my bike’s fork. The result? Smooth video, and cinema-quality footage.

Long-Lasting Battery

Concerned about battery life? This camera offers up to 45 minutes on a full charge. Add the Action Pod, and you’ve got an impressive 170 minutes. During a half-day trail, the battery still had some life left. Impressive, isn’t it?

Built to Last

Weather conditions are never an issue. The camera’s waterproof up to 16 feet and also splashproof. During one adventure, I rode through deep puddles, and the Insta360 GO 3 remained unfazed.

Quick and Smart Editing

Got tons of footage? No worries. The Insta360 app’s AI-powered editing suite cuts through the bulk, giving you polished clips quickly. In my case, a 20-minute video was ready in less than five minutes.

The Downsides: What Could Be Better?

Accessory Costs

While the camera itself is affordable, some optional accessories can rack up the bill. But ask yourself: Can you really put a price tag on capturing life’s best moments?

Standalone Battery Limitations

The 45-minute standalone battery life could be a downside for some. However, in my experience, the Action Pod makes up for it with its extended battery capacity.

Who Should Consider Insta360 GO 3?

If you’re into mountain biking and want a no-fuss way to capture high-quality footage, the Insta360 GO 3 is for you. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned mountain biker, this camera meets your needs.

Still undecided? Trust me, I’ve tried GoPros, DJIs, and other action cameras. Insta360 GO 3 leads in size, versatility, and video clarity. Ready to level up your mountain biking memories?


Insta360 ONE RS: The Action Camera that Transforms Mountain Biking Content

Insta360 ONE RS Twin Edition – Waterproof 4K 60fps Action Camera & 5.7K 360 Camera with Interchangeable Lenses, Stabilization, 48MP Photo, Active HDR, AI Editing

Price: Not cheap, but worth every cent
Lenses: Interchangeable (4K Boost, 5.7K 360, wide field of view (360 Lens))
Special Features: Active HDR, FlowState Stabilization, Horizon Lock
Design: Rugged and Waterproof up to 16ft
Software: User-friendly with AI-powered editing tools

Why You Should Choose the Insta360 ONE RS?

It’s a Swiss Army Knife of Cameras: The Insta360 ONE RS offers unprecedented versatility for mountain biking. Whether you’re descending at breakneck speeds or conquering steep terrains, the choice between a 4K Boost Lens, a 5.7K 360 Lens, and a 1-Inch Wide-Angle Lens lets you capture every moment from your preferred angle. It’s like having three cameras in one!

Performance That’ll Make You Go “Wow”: This isn’t just any action camera. It features Active HDR for dynamic range that rivals top-tier smartphones. Coupled with FlowState Stabilization, say goodbye to shaky videos. And let’s talk about Horizon Lock. Remember that time you captured a sick jump, only to find out the horizon was tilted? This feature keeps everything level, so you can focus on nailing that trick.

Thrives in the Elements: Mountain biking isn’t for the faint of heart, and neither is this camera. With a waterproof design that can withstand depths up to 16ft, you don’t need to worry about creek crossings or sudden downpours. And it’s tough. I dropped mine during a rocky descent, and it didn’t flinch.

What Makes it Stand Out?

Creative Control at Your Fingertips: With features like Instant Zoom, you’re the director of your own film. I remember zooming in on a friend as he performed an epic fail, capturing his priceless expression.

A Toolkit of Editing Wonders: The Insta360 app is like your personal editing suite. Whether you’re an editing newbie or a seasoned pro, tools like Snap Wizard and FlashCut make post-production a breeze. Deep Track 2.0 even lets you lock onto a subject, perfect for highlighting that buddy who always lags behind.

More Than Just an Action Cam: Live streaming your MTB adventures? Check. Need a high-quality webcam for Zoom meetings? Check. Vlogging your latest trail discovery? Check. This camera does it all.

A Couple of Caveats

You’ll Want to Budget for This: Quality comes at a price. While it’s worth every penny, know that you’re making an investment.

Accessorize for Optimal Experience: To get the most out of the camera, consider adding extras like a padded case or an extra battery pack. It enhances the experience but adds to the overall cost.

So, Who is the Insta360 ONE RS For?

If you’re looking to elevate your mountain biking content or simply want an action camera that does it all, the Insta360 ONE RS is your pick. Compared to other action cams I’ve tried, none offer this level of versatility and performance.

Feeling adventurous? Want to capture every jaw-dropping moment in unparalleled clarity? Trust me, this camera is a game-changer. And if you’re still not sure, just remember: life’s too short for regrettable footage. Make every shot count with the Insta360 ONE R S.


DJI Osmo Action 4: Your Best Mate for Mountain Biking Adventures

DJI Osmo Action 4 Adventure Combo - 4K/120fps Waterproof Action Camera with a 1/1.3-Inch Sensor, 10-bit & D-Log M Color Performance, Up to 7.5 h with 3 Batteries, Outdoor Camera for Travel, Biking

Cost: $$
Sensor Type: 1/1.3-inch
Video Capability: 4K at 120fps
Battery Duration: Over 150 minutes with quick-charge up to 80% in less than 20 minutes
Water Resistance: Up to 18 meters

Why Should You Consider the DJI Osmo Action 4?

What could be better than seizing the thrill of a mountain biking escapade? Capturing it flawlessly, that’s what! Meet the DJI Osmo Action 4—an action camera that stands out for its cinematic flair, packed in a portable size.

You’re not only gaining an action camera; you’re also acquiring a mini cinematographer. The 1/1.3-inch sensor, coupled with the 10-bit D-Log M color mode, lets you say a firm ‘no’ to poor, grainy footage. Instead, say ‘hello’ to vivid and dynamic clips.

What Makes it So Unique?

Crystal-Clear Video: This baby can record in full 4K at a whopping 120fps. Imagine the ultra-smooth slow-mo captures—you’ll be able to see each speck of dust fly off your wheels!

Enduring Battery: During my test, the battery lasted beyond 2.5 hours. Did I mention the fast-charging that pumps the battery from empty to 80% in mere 18 minutes? Even chilly weather won’t stop it; the battery remains strong.

Magnet Magic: The snap-on, snap-off magnetic design simplifies the switching game. I effortlessly moved it from my bike’s handlebars to my helmet, avoiding any cumbersome adjustments.

All-Encompassing View: With a 155° ultra-wide lens, the Osmo Action 4 doesn’t just focus on you; it captures the entire essence of your journey. Compared to others like GoPro, it’s like graduating from spectator to director.

How Does it Perform in Reality?

Out on the trails, you want gear that’s as versatile as you are. The Osmo Action 4 shines here—its performance under varying light conditions is superb. Even when navigating under dense foliage, the sensor adjusted seamlessly, resulting in perfectly balanced shots.

Stability-wise, you’ll appreciate the 360° HorizonSteady and RockSteady 3.0 features. Whether you’re flying over bumps or zig-zagging around obstacles, the resulting footage stays as steady as your focus.

Any Limitations?

It’s almost flawless, but let’s be honest—perfection is elusive. The accessories can dig a hole in your wallet. Yet, when you weigh it against the impeccable quality, isn’t it worth the splurge?

A Personal Note

I’ve tried a lot of action cameras in my time, but nothing comes close to the Osmo. Last summer, I captured my descent down a notoriously rocky trail, and the footage was so smooth my friends thought it was CGI! So, if you’re serious about mountain biking and want to capture every thrilling moment, the DJI Osmo Action 4 is the way to go.

Ideal For Whom?

If you’re an adventurer at heart and yearn to immortalize your outdoor escapades with top-notch quality, this camera fits the bill. Whether you’re cycling down mountain paths or exploring coral reefs (yes, it’s that waterproof), the DJI Osmo Action 4 should be your go-to choice.

So, are you ready to elevate your mountain biking videos from “meh” to “wow, is that even real?” If your budget permits, don’t hesitate; the DJI Osmo Action 4 is a worthy investment. Still seeking budget options? Stay tuned. But remember, quality comes with a price, and this gem is worth each cent, or you can also check previous models of the DJI action.


Akaso Brave 8: Best Budget Action Camera for Mountain Biking Enthusiasts

AKASO Brave 8 4K60FPS Action Camera, 48MP Photo Touch Screen Waterproof Super Wide Angle 16x Slo-mo SuperSmooth Stabilization Underwater Camera with Remote Control Helmet Accessories

Price Bracket: Mid-Range
Maximum Resolution: 4K at 60 Frames Per Second
Sensor Capability: 20-Megapixel
Image Stabilization: Six-axis Electronic Image Stabilization 2.0
Wireless Features: Wi-Fi Enabled

What Makes the Akaso Brave 8 Stand Out?

  • 4K Video Excellence: Outstanding video quality with 4K/60fps and a 20MP sensor.
  • Unmatched Stabilization: Say goodbye to shaky videos with 6-axis Electronic Image Stabilization 2.0 and distortion control.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use 2-inch touch screen and a handy wireless remote.
  • Adventure-Ready Design: Waterproof case makes it ideal for rugged adventures.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Quick and easy sharing via Wi-Fi and the Akaso Go application.

Ready to upgrade your mountain biking videos? The Akaso Brave 8 action camera is your go-to gadget. This isn’t just a camera; think of it as your very own portable film crew. What makes it exceptional? Let’s dive in.

A Camera Packed With Features

Wondering why the Akaso Brave 8 is gaining so much popularity among mountain bikers? First off, you have the luxury of filming in superb 4K quality at 60fps, all thanks to its 20MP sensor. Switch between video, photo, slow motion, and time-lapse with a couple of taps on its responsive 2-inch touch screen. It’s user-friendly, very similar to a mini smartphone. Plus, you can even command your camera remotely. Who wouldn’t want to be in control like that?

No More Shaky Videos

Don’t you just dislike it when your action-packed mountain biking footage turns out shaky? The Brave 8’s six-axis Electronic Image Stabilization 2.0 has got you covered. I recently tested this on a trail with some difficult terrains, and the results were nothing short of impressive. The camera effortlessly eliminated shaky movements and even corrected the fisheye effect. It felt as if I was gliding!

Built for All Terrains

Mountain biking often involves braving diverse elements. Lucky for you, the Brave 8 comes with a robust waterproof casing that can withstand intense conditions. I took it for a spin under water, and thanks to its dive mode, it captured the underwater world beautifully.

Share Your Adventures Easily

Captured some exciting moments and want to share them? The Brave 8 makes this task easy with its integrated Wi-Fi capabilities and the Akaso Go application. During my last biking session, I was able to record, edit, and upload a short film effortlessly.

Is It Worth the Investment?

While it may not be the cheapest, it is a hell of a best option on the action camera market, the Brave 8 offers premium features at a mid-range price. So if capturing your mountain biking adventures in high quality is a priority, this is an investment worth making.

Who Should Consider the Akaso Brave 8?

If you’re in the market for a high-performing action camera that offers premium features without breaking the bank, look no further. It’s an all-rounder, ideal for both novices and seasoned mountain bikers. Ready to step up your mountain biking game? The Akaso Brave 8 is the camera to do it with.



So, which action camera takes the gold medal for mountain biking? Drumroll, please…

The winner is GoPro HERO 11 BLACK! When it comes to ruggedness, video quality, and user-friendliness, this beast leaves the competition in the dust.

While the Insta360 GO 3 excels in stabilization and the GoPro MAX Camera offers a unique 360-degree perspective, neither quite matches the HERO 11 BLACK’s all-around performance.

Remember how we emphasized the importance of durability, battery life, and high-quality resolution?

Well, the best GoPro, the HERO 11 BLACK ticks all these boxes and then some.

It’s the camera that not only captures your epic rides but makes them look as thrilling as they felt.

So if you’re serious about mountain biking and capturing every jaw-dropping moment, this is the camera to mount on your handlebars.

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