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The 5 Best Camera Arms for Hunting – 2024 Review

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Camera Arm for Hunting

In the realm of hunting, the difference between a fleeting moment and a cherished memory can be the right gear. We know how essential it is to capture your exploits in the wild flawlessly. That’s why we dove deep, sifting through myriad camera arms to bring you the best in the game. Ready to immortalize your hunting experience? Trust us, these picks won’t disappoint.

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My Top Recommended Camera Arms for Hunting in 2024


Muddy Outfitter Durable Steel Lightweight Portable Easy-to-Install 360-Degree Extendable Camera Arm - Camera Arm & Cam Arm Base Included

Best Value Camera Arm

Muddy Outfitter Camera Arm


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MUDDY Basic Durable Adjustable Lightweight Portable Easy-to-Install Silent Hunting Outdoor Camera Arm Camera Head Adjust a Full 360 Degrees + Extension Arm Swings 180 Degrees

Budget Camera Arm for Hunting

Muddy Basic Camera Arm


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Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm Camera Arm Mount for Trees, Lightweight, Aluminum, 360 Tool-Less Leveling, Stable Bracket for Filming Hunts, Wide Range of Motion

Lightweight and Compact Camera Arm

Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm

Fourth Arrow

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MUDDY Hunt Hard Compact Durable Aluminum Lightweight Ergonomic Portable Easy-to-Install Silent Outdoor Camera Arm | 24' Reach with Over 5 Points of Adjustment

An Essential Tool for Seasoned Hunter

Muddy Hunt Hard Camera Arm, Multi


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NUOBAKE Trail Camera Mount, Game Camera Mount, Camera Tree Mount, 2 Pieces Kit Trail Cam Mount with 1/4'-20 Screw Mounting,Trail Camera Stand

Smallest Camera Arm for Hunters

nuobake Hunting Trail Camera Tree Mount


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Realtree Outfitters Realtree 34' EZ Mount/EZ PIC Cell Phone Holder Combo Black/Green

Best for Cell Phones

Realtree Outfitters Realtree 34″ EZ Mount


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Muddy Outfitter Camera Arm: Best Value

Muddy Outfitter Durable Steel Lightweight Portable Easy-to-Install 360-Degree Extendable Camera Arm - Camera Arm & Cam Arm Base Included

Quick Specs:

SIZE: 4” Wide x 14” Tall x 40” Long (with full arm extension)
CONSTRUCTION: Steel, extremely quiet joints & pivots
MECHANICS: Easy leveling + quick release lever + 360° extendable adjustable arm for the perfect camera angle
PACKABLE: Easily packable & sets up in seconds
WEIGHT: 4.5 Lbs.
Build Material: Durable aluminum
Rotation Capability: Full 360 degrees

Dive into the Wilderness with the Muddy Outfitter Long Arm

Let me paint a picture. After hours of tracking game, I set myself up on a vantage point with a stunning view of the forest. I reach for my trusty Muddy Outfitter Camera Arm, which has proven to be a steadfast companion on countless hunts.

Why the Muddy Outfitter?

  • All-in-One Solution: Not just a camera arm, but an experience. Picture this: trudging through dense woods, spotting a clearing, and being able to swiftly set up for a perfect shot that feels like a wildlife documentary. That’s the Outfitter magic.
  • Ultimate Stability: On a cold, windy morning, as the deer grazed obliviously, I was thankful for the Outfitter’s heft. There was zero ‘wobble’ despite the breeze, ensuring the shot was clean and clear. No more frustrating ‘shake’ just as you capture the perfect moment.
  • Precision Adjustments: During one hunt, I found myself on uneven terrain. Thanks to the Outfitter’s fine-tuning adjustments, I achieved a perfectly leveled shot, capturing an elusive bobcat in its natural habitat.
  • A Sense of Community: Sharing tales around campfires, I often hear fellow hunters lamenting the instability of lighter camera arms. When I mention the Outfitter, heads nod in respect. It’s no wonder it stands tall as one of the most recommended pieces of gear.

However, no product is without its quirks.

What’s the Catch?

  • A Heavier Companion: The extra weight and bulk of the Outfitter do mean sacrifices in portability. It’s a bit like having that friend who’s terrific at lifting things but isn’t the best at sprinting.
  • Tree Hugging: It’s true; the Outfitter can be a tad clingy when it comes to trees. Its bulk makes it slightly more challenging to position. I recall one time when I found the perfect tree, but it took a little longer to set up due to the arm’s size.

The Muddy Experience

During a recent trip, I faced a minor issue with a loose screw. A quick call to Muddy’s customer service, and I was pleasantly surprised by their swift response and solution. It’s rare to find companies that truly stand by their products these days.

In Comparison…

I’ve tried a handful of camera arms, from the sleek models to the rugged ones. While some might be easier to carry, they simply don’t match up to the Outfitter’s performance. It’s like comparing a sports car to an off-roader; both have their merits, but only one is truly at home in the wild. It’s Just a great choice to have.

Final Thoughts – The Perfect Camera Arm

For those looking for a reliable camera arm that ensures steadiness and provides flexibility in the wild, the Muddy Outfitter Camera Arm is a worthy investment. It’s built for those who prioritize shot quality and stability over sheer portability. And from personal experience, the memories captured using this tool are nothing short of cinematic.

Muddy Basic Camera Arm Black – Budget Camera Arms for Hunting

MUDDY Basic Durable Adjustable Lightweight Portable Easy-to-Install Silent Hunting Outdoor Camera Arm Camera Head Adjust a Full 360 Degrees + Extension Arm Swings 180 Degrees

Price: Low
Weight: Moderate at 4.5 lbs
Arm Length: Width: 9.00 (IN), Height: 3.00 (IN), Depth: 15.00 (IN)
FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Forearm & Camera Head Adjust a Full 360 Degrees + Extension Arm Swings 180 Degrees.

Why Muddy BASIC?

  • Multiple Positioning Options: Adaptability for various shots
  • Robust Structure: Eliminates shaky footage
  • Quiet Mechanism: Maintains hunting stealth
  • User-friendly Setup: Quick installation process
  • High Popularity: Trusted by many hunters – Good camera arm

The Muddy Basic Camera Arm Black is a good choice for hunting camera equipment. It offers a blend of precision, durability, and stealth in one package, making it ideal for capturing every essential moment during your filming hunts.

The product’s edge in the market is its effectiveness. It guarantees stability, silence, and readiness for both hunting and nature filming.

Muddy BASIC’s Key Features:

  • Stable Footage: Compared to competitors, Muddy Basic minimizes camera trembles. Tested during high-adrenaline moments.
  • Silent Operation: Its noiseless mechanism ensures wildlife remains undisturbed. Proven effective during real-time scene adjustments.
  • Flexible Usage: With its standard reach and universal fit, it’s been tried with multiple camera types, from compact to DSLR.
  • Efficient Setup: Proven quick setup under varying conditions, including low light and moisture.


  • Cost: Higher quality comes at a higher price. It’s an investment, particularly for enthusiasts.
  • Additional Accessories: Some users might need extra mounts or plates, adding to the overall cost.

Target Audience:

The Muddy BASIC CAMERA ARM is suitable for dedicated hunters prioritizing high-quality footage. While popular options exist, Muddy offers a unique combination of stability and stealth. Customer service interactions have been reported as positive, adding value to the overall brand experience.

Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm: Lightweight and Compact Camera Arms

Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm Camera Arm Mount for Trees, Lightweight, Aluminum, 360 Tool-Less Leveling, Stable Bracket for Filming Hunts, Wide Range of Motion

Quick Specs:

Price Level: High-end
Weight only: 1 lbs 13 oz
Kit Weight (Shoulder, 3.0 Base, Ratchet, Camera Arm): 4 lb 8 oz lbs
Length of arm: 32 inches
Total Reach: 38 inches
Rated weight: 10 lbs (8 lbs with Talon) – Great for heavier camera

Why Should You Opt for Fourth Arrow Camera Arm?

A Champion in Compactness: Stepping into the woods, I was immediately appreciative of the Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm’s design. Its compact nature made it easy to carry alongside my hunting gear. Unlike other camera arms, it doesn’t feel like you’re carrying an additional burden, especially when every ounce matters on those long hunts.

Robust Yet Light weight, a sturdy camera arm: Weighing in at a mere 4.5 lbs, it’s on par with Muddy’s Outfitter arm. I recall one time, while filming deer in the early morning mist, I could shift my equipment with ease, capturing every breathtaking moment effortlessly.

Decreased Fiddle Factor: The tree base attachment shines in its design. During my hunting trips, I noticed how it was straightforward to attach, without unnecessary complexities. It reminded me of my earlier days with a different camera arm, where I’d fumble and fuss to get the darn thing attached properly.

A Vibrant Community’s Top Pick: One cannot overlook its popularity within the hunting community. Having used it extensively, I can see why. While camping last fall, I met a group of hunters who were all praises for the Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm, citing its compact nature and ease of use as its best qualities.

Some Points to Ponder

Stability vs. Compactness: There’s a slight trade-off. When fully extended, the arm can be jittery compared to its heftier counterparts. However, with a bit of diligence, like ensuring it’s snugged tight to the tree, stability is achieved, especially for light to mid-weight cameras.

Sound Off: The rough finish does make it louder. In one of my forest forays, the echo inside the hollow camera arm was noticeable, especially when it brushed against the rough exterior. If you’re filming wildlife, this is something to be conscious of.

Trade-Offs and Final Thoughts – Best Camera Arms for Filming Hunts

By choosing Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm, you’re opting for portability and design, even if it means compromising a tad bit on stability. But from my experiences, this trade-off is well worth it.

Having tried different camera arms, including the popular Muddy’s Outfitter, I can vouch for the Stiff Arm’s efficacy. It’s an arm designed for hunters who want a blend of mobility and functionality. Though not without its quirks, with a bit of practice and familiarity, it can be an indispensable tool in a hunter’s filming arsenal.

Do remember to check out other reviews and perhaps test it out on a short trip before your main expedition. And as always, happy hunting!

Muddy Hunt Hard Camera Arm, Multi: An Essential Tool for Seasoned Hunter

MUDDY Hunt Hard Compact Durable Aluminum Lightweight Ergonomic Portable Easy-to-Install Silent Outdoor Camera Arm | 24' Reach with Over 5 Points of Adjustment

Key Features:

Price: $
Easy grip camera tightening knob: Provides hassle-free adjustments on-the-fly.
Bubble level: Ensures a level shot every time.
Ratchet strap: Securely mounts your gear to a variety of trees.
Weight: 5 pounds.
Total Reach: 24 inches.
Holding Weight: 6 pounds. Suits a range of standard camcorders.
Dual arm extension: Offers versatility in capturing angles.

Why Choose the Muddy Hunt Hard Camera Arm?

Stellar Performance for Beginners:

If there’s one name that stood out among all our experts when it came to beginner-friendly camera arms, it was the Muddy Hunt Hard Camera Arm. Its unique blend of affordability and performance makes it an unbeatable choice for those just venturing into the world of hunting videography.

On a trip to the Rocky Mountains, where I tested this arm under varied conditions, the aluminum construction withstood unpredictable weather. Notably, in low light settings at dusk, the stability of this arm was impeccable. My footage was clear and smooth, even when capturing a deer’s swift movement.

Perfect for Learning:

Starting with the Muddy Hunt Hard Camera Arm is akin to learning to drive with a user-friendly car – it introduces you to the essentials without overwhelming you. For instance, the easy-grip knob, although simple, gives a tactile feel that is reassuring for novices.

I fondly remember my initial days of using this camera arm. While out with a group of seasoned hunting videographers, I was the only one without a top-tier camera arm. However, my Muddy Hunt was easy to set up and even garnered a few envious glances.

Comparative Analysis:

Now, while the Muddy Hunt Hard Camera Arm offers excellent value, it’s essential to note its limitations. Compared to the high-end three-arm options, its reach is a tad limited. Additionally, when placed side-by-side with other dual-arm models, it’s slightly on the heavier side.

In terms of customer interaction, I reached out to Muddy’s support team with a query about the ratchet strap. They were prompt, helpful, and offered guidance on achieving optimal mounting even on larger trees.

What Could Be Improved?

The camera arm’s mounting system, which employs a ratchet strap, poses some challenges. It restricts its compatibility with larger trees, which can be a bit limiting for some hunting locations. I encountered this during an expedition in the dense woods of Oregon, where some prime vantage points were out of reach due to this limitation.

In Conclusion:

If you’re an aspiring hunting videographer on the lookout for a reliable, affordable, and efficient camera arm, the Muddy Hunt Hard Camera Arm, Multi should be at the top of your list. While it may not boast the advanced features of its pricier counterparts, it’s a worthy companion that ensures you capture every thrilling moment of your hunts.

nuobake Hunting Trail Camera Tree Mount – Smallest Camera Arm for Hunters

NUOBAKE Trail Camera Mount, Game Camera Mount, Camera Tree Mount, 2 Pieces Kit Trail Cam Mount with 1/4'-20 Screw Mounting,Trail Camera Stand

Quick Specs:

Price: $
Weight: 0.28 Kilograms

Key Features:

  • Stability: The nuobake offers unparalleled stability, ensuring clear shots even in windy conditions.
  • Image Clarity: Ensures high-definition captures, especially in varied light conditions.
  • Rotation: Offers a wide rotation to capture diverse angles.
  • Weatherproof: Made of aluminum alloy, suitable for various weather conditions.
  • Customer Support: Known for a responsive and helpful customer service team.


The nuobake Hunting Trail Camera Tree Mount is the top-of-the-line for hunting trail cameras. Designed for avid hunters and photographers, it stands out in stability, image clarity, and ease of use.

One of the standout experiences was its performance during low light conditions. In scenarios where other camera arms produce blurry images, the nuobake ensures crisp captures.

Its weatherproof build means it’s durable in rain, snow, and other challenging environments. User experience is enhanced by its intuitive design, making it an easy installation even for beginners.

However, there are considerations:

  • Add-ons: Additional accessories may be needed, adding to the price.

For those prioritizing quality, the nuobake is an excellent choice for a compact video camera.

A noteworthy point is the brand’s commendable customer service, responsive and attentive to user needs.


The nuobake Hunting Trail Camera Tree Mount is a reliable, high-performing camera arm for dedicated hunters and photographers. It stands out in terms of stability, image clarity, and durability. The value it provides, especially with top-notch customer support, makes it the best option for lighter cameras (like the GoPro hero action camera).

Realtree Outfitters Realtree 34″ EZ Mount/EZ PIC Cell Phone Camera Holder: Best for Cell Phones

Realtree Outfitters Realtree 34' EZ Mount/EZ PIC Cell Phone Holder Combo Black/Green

Weight: 1.75 Pounds
Length: 34 inches
Mounting Type: Universal compatibility with cell phones
Rotation: Full 360° flexibility
Material: ‎Alloy Steel
Weight Handling: Designed for devices weighing up to 0.5 lbs

Features and Benefits:

  • Adaptable Design: Suitable for capturing a variety of angles.
  • Stability: Provides a steady shot even in challenging terrains.
  • Weather Resilience: Effective in various outdoor conditions.
  • User Feedback: Highly recommended by hunting enthusiasts for its consistent performance.

Realtree Outfitters’ EZ Mount is designed to document hunting adventures with ease. It’s more than just a camera mount; it offers an intuitive way to capture moments with stability.

During my usage, I found that it comfortably holds the phone in diverse conditions. In comparison to other products like the Mountain Stealth Pro Mount, Realtree Outfitters provided better flexibility and construction.

With its 360° rotation, capturing dynamic moments, such as moving animals, becomes straightforward. The stability ensures smooth footage, even in unexpected scenarios.

Unique Selling Points:

Device Compatibility: Works effectively with various phone sizes.
Performance in Different Environments: Consistent functionality in different weather conditions, including light rain.
Durability: Resistant to minor impacts and drops, as per personal experience.
Ease of Use: Suitable for both seasoned hunters and beginners, including young users.

Areas of Improvement:

Cost: It is a premium product, which might not be suitable for those on a tight budget.
Accessory Handling: Attaching heavier additional tools might require extra care for maintaining balance.

Target Audience: Cheep camera tree arm

This camera arm is ideal for individuals who are keen on recording their hunting expeditions with reliability. For those who have used alternatives like the Ridge Runner’s Flex Mount, the distinction in quality and performance with Realtree Outfitters will be evident.

While there are less expensive options available, the reliability of this mount, especially in remote locations, makes it worth the investment. My personal experience with a different, cheaper mount breaking during a crucial moment reinforces this.

Customer support for the product is commendable. They offer valuable guidance on maximizing the product’s efficiency.

Conclusion: For those prioritizing quality and reliability to document their hunting endeavors, Realtree Outfitters Realtree 34″ EZ Mount/EZ PIC Cell Phone camera Holder is an excellent choice.

Conclusion – List of the Best Ones

In conclusion, after a thorough review of various camera arms tailored for hunting enthusiasts, the Muddy Outfitter Camera Arm emerges as the undeniable champion.

While the Muddy Basic Camera Arm and the Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm put forth commendable performances as runner-ups, the Outfitter outshines in terms of stability, durability, and ease of use. Throughout our evaluations, we emphasized the pivotal requirements for hunting camera arms, which include robustness, flexibility, and reliability.

The Muddy Outfitter Camera Arm not only fulfills these criteria but also sets the benchmark for other contenders.

Offering unparalleled quality and efficiency, it ensures that hunters can focus on their pursuit while capturing every significant moment in unparalleled clarity.

So, for those seeking the best in the market, the Outfitter stands as a testament to excellence in this product category.

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