Canon Secures Top Position in Worldwide Market for Interchangeable-Lens Cameras for 21 Years

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Canon Inc. has maintained its leading position in the global interchangeable-lens digital camera market for the 21st consecutive year, from 2003 to 2023.

This achievement reflects the popularity of its EOS series, which emphasizes speed, comfort, and high image quality, supported by proprietary technologies like CMOS image sensors and DIGIC image processors.

Canon has catered to a wide range of users, from professionals to beginners, with a diverse lineup of cameras and over 115 RF and EF series lenses.

Recent launches include the EOS R50, EOS R8, and EOS R100, alongside 9 RF lenses in 2023, further solidifying Canon’s market dominance, particularly in the mirrorless camera segment​​.

For a detailed read, you can visit the article directly on Canon’s website: Canon celebrates 21st consecutive year of No. 1 share of global interchangeable-lens digital camera market.

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