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How Do You Take Professional Photos in a Car?

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How Do You Take Professional Photos in a Car?

Cameras are a crucial device nowadays that helps capture beautiful moments in your daily life. Capturing your best moments in photo shape is a great way to last your memories forever. Besides, a large number of people love photography, and many of them earn money using their photography skills.

In that case, capturing photos of moving subjects is very challenging. So, if you’re a photographer and a car lover, then you should know how to capture professional photos in a car.

Basically, for a professional car photographer, you should have a better understanding of cameras, ISO, shutter speed, and the environment you want to capture photos. Keep reading this article to know details in this regard.

Why Taking Photos in a Car Is Challenging?

It is difficult to find anyone who doesn’t love to capture photos through the window while traveling in a car. Sometimes we see such things that won’t be returning in the near future. For that, capturing these things will be a great way to make them store in your life.

Sometimes capturing these moments will be difficult as the car driver is unwilling to stop in the middle. In that situation, taking photos from the car could be a good option. But the fact is, without proper knowledge and techniques, capturing pictures from a car will be tough.

This is because capturing photos from a running car may cause the camera to fall on the ground, or you may encounter any injuries. That’s why it is crucial to know the proper way of taking photos in a car.

In addition, using the right camera will positively impact capturing photos in a car. Without the right camera, you will not be able to capture your desired shots. For that, you have to find the right camera for car photography that will help you capture better photos.

How Do You Take Professional Photos in a Car?

Shoot Far Away
Shoot Far Away

As we said earlier, taking photos is challenging in a car. Now we will learn how to break this difficulty. For your help, below we have outlined how you can take professional photos in a car.

Expose Right

Dealing with movement is the most difficult thing about car photography. Your subject will be moving according to your car speed in a running car. That means the shutter speed of your camera has to freeze that movement you want to capture. So, you should adjust your camera’s shutter speed to around 1/100th of a second to get the best outcome.

Multiple Shots or Burst Mode

Even if you use high shutter speed, not every shot will be perfect. Besides, bumps, jostles, or vibrations of your car may undoubtedly throw your shot off. That’s why using multiple images or burst mode will be a good option for you. This mode enables you to capture a single scene from various angles continuously.

Keep Your Camera Close to the Window

Keeping your camera close to the car window will help you to eliminate the problems of glare and incorrect focusing’ or if you can open the window (but then you can have stability issues. This is because the window is the closest focal point in a running car. Besides, being close to the camera to the window will avoid annoying glares or reflections. Be careful while capturing photos close to the window, as that may drop your camera.

Keep More Control Over Your Camera

When taking photos of a running car, always be safe and steady. Try to avoid capturing images in a car on bumpy roads. By holding the camera in both hands, you will acquire more control over it. In addition, minimize your contact with the seat. This is because the more you contact the seat, the more you accept the car’s movement. This way you can hold your camera effortlessly.

Shoot Far Away

When your car moves fast, you will have a second to make a shot. So, focusing on any subject will be difficult for you at such times. For that, you can shoot a particular subject in landscape mode using the RAW format. This will help you adjust your captured image’s different parameters later.

What Type of Camera Do You Need to Capture Professional Photos in a Car?

What Type of Camera Do You Need to Capture Professional Photos in a Car?
What Type of Camera Do You Need to Capture Professional Photos in a Car?

There are various types of cameras you will find on the marketplace. But you have to find a camera for car photography that contains all the features to fulfill your needs. For finding the best camera, below we have pointed out some factors that you should keep in mind.


Capturing professional photos in a car requires a high-resolution camera that helps contain all the information about your car. So it is better to have a camera with the highest resolution if you want to capture dynamic shots. It will also let you capture images of the highest quality.


Fast and proper autofocus is the prerequisite for capturing professional photos in a car. On the other hand, poor or slow autofocus leads to the failure of all the fastest moving objects. For that, it is better to have a camera with the fastest autofocus feature.

Continuous Shooting Speed

For taking professional photos, you will need a camera with continuous shooting speed. This will help you to capture multiple photos of split-second moments.

Image Stabilization

You will need a camera with an image stabilization feature, as you have to capture moving objects. This feature will help you take handheld images of moving subjects. Besides, image stabilization lets your image keep in focus and sharp.

Shutter Speeds

A camera with good shutter speed can help to freeze the fast action. This way, you can capture faster-moving subjects easily. Typically, cameras have two types of shutter: electronic shutter and mechanical shutter. Mechanical shutters offer lower speeds compared to electronic shutters.

ISO Range

ISO helps to capture images in low light. For that,  a camera with good ISO will be able to capture professional photos in a car. This will help you to take bright images even in dark environments.

Safety Tips For Capturing Photos in a Car

While capturing photos in a car, there are several chances you will encounter trouble. This will lead you to get some damage as well as injuries. Here we have demonstrated some tips that will help you prevent any types of damage.

  • Only capture photos through the car window if there is no other car on your side of the roadway.
  • Always watch out for road signs, trees, and other things on your side of the roadway. Avoid leaning through the car window when these things are approaching.
  • Keep your camera on a strap during car photography, and it is not good to wrap around your neck or wrist in case the camera is caught by anyone at high-speed, causing injuries to you.
  • First, you should look at your surrounding area while capturing photos, then look through the camera lens.
  • Ask the car driver to focus on his driving and avoid what you are doing.
  • After capturing a photo through the car window, return to your seat immediately.


While capturing photos in a car, don’t worry too much about the perfect shot. In fact, you should try to take as many shots as possible because you are moving at speed. This will help you find a perfect shot later among several pictures. Also, the more you practice photography in a car, the better you will be at taking professional shots faster. However, most people are confused about taking professional photos in a car. For that, in this context, we have presented a complete guideline on this topic. You can easily capture professional photos in your car by following the described information.

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