The Best Lenses for Nikon Z 7 in 2024!

The Best Lenses for Nikon Z7

The Nikon Z7 is a high-resolution, high-performance mirrorless camera body. So it doesn’t make sense to put a low-quality lens on it that can’t keep up with its 45-megapixel sensor. Luckily, Nikon has plenty of good Z lenses to choose from. You’ll find all the best lenses for Nikon Z 7 photographers here. Introducing the … Read more

12 Best Lenses for Nikon Z6 II

Best Lenses for Nikon Z6 II

The Nikon Z6 II is a very capable camera, so you want to pair it with the best glass possible. After all, lenses have a bigger impact on your image quality than the camera body/sensor. That’s why we take a look at the best lenses for Nikon Z6 II shooters in this article. We take … Read more

8 Best lenses for Canon M200 in 2024!

Best lenses for Canon M200

The Canon M200 is a small and simple yet powerful compact mirrorless camera. It has solid performance and an intriguing set of features. It’s very affordable too, which is always nice. Despite all it has going for it, the Canon M200 has mostly flown under the radar. I have no doubt that’s in part due … Read more

What is Focal Length in Photography?

What is Focal Length in Photography

When you get down to the details, focal length in photography can be a confusing topic, even for photographers who have been shooting for a long time. It’s the type of thing you learn when you’re just starting out but then you tend to forget what it means on a technical level. You start thinking … Read more

What is Lens Flare?

What Is Lens Flare?

Lens flare happens when light rays from a bright source of light (such as the sun or artificial light) reach the front element of the lens of a camera and reflect and bounces off lens elements. This light can also bounce off the sensor, which can end up diminishing image quality and creating effects in … Read more

What Is Ghosting in Photography?

What Is Ghosting in Photography?

Ghosting. We’ve recently heard a lot about ghosting in popular culture, but here we’re not talking about how your Tinder date cut off all contact with you. So what is ghosting in photography? Ghosting is a type of flare characterized by artifacts that look like orbs and other shapes. It also results in hazy, washed-out … Read more

What Is Distortion in Photography?

What Is Distortion in Photography

If you’ve ever noticed a warped appearance in a photo, particularly in the corners, you saw distortion. In other words, distortion refers to a visual deformation of images. There are two types of distortion: optical and perspective. In photography, it’s important to know the difference between the two so that you can either use them … Read more

What is Vignetting?

What is Vignetting?

Vignetting in photography refers to the darkening of the corners of an image in relation to the center. It’s also referred to as “light falloff”. Vignetting can either be caused by the optics of a lens or added in post-processing intentionally for artistic effect. Vignetting can be used to draw attention away from distracting elements … Read more

What is Chromatic Aberration? Causes & How to Avoid It

What is Chromatic Aberration?

Chromatic aberration refers to an outline of unnatural colors appearing around the borders of objects in an image. Chromatic aberration is also referred to as color fringing. It frequently appears along metallic surfaces or in areas with a strong contrast between light and dark parts of an image. For example, it may occur around the … Read more

The Best Lenses For the Sony A6100 in 2024 [UPDATED]!

best lenses for Sony Alpha A6100 mirrorless cameras

Sony was at the forefront of developing mirrorless cameras when the technology first arrived on the scene. So Sony has had a long time to develop its lens offerings, so you have a lot to choose from. Their lens selection has quite a bit of overlap, which is great for having options, but it can … Read more

The 10 Best Lenses for the Nikon Z50

Best Lenses for the Nikon Z50

While Nikon has lagged behind a bit in building their mirrorless camera and lens lineup, they’re quickly gaining ground and rectifying that. The Nikon Z50 is an impressive little camera, and now there is a wide selection of good lenses for the Nikon Z50 to choose from. Our pick for the best all-around lens for … Read more