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Best Canon Cameras in 2023: Beginners to Professional

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best canon cameras

Looking for the perfect Canon camera that suits your photography needs?

You’re in the right place.

You’ll want to read this because we’ve handpicked the best Canon cameras to fit every budget and photography need. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Canon offers a range of models designed for every skill level and purpose.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, sorting through Canon’s vast array of options to bring you a definitive list of top picks.

If you’re ready to up your photography game, whether it’s capturing breathtaking landscapes or memorable events, stick around. Here, we delve into the Canon cameras that deserve a spot in your gear bag.

Ready to find your perfect match? Let’s get started!

My Top Choice for the Best Canon Cameras in 2023:

Best Overall

Canon EOS R6 Mark II

40fps Burst Shooting

Uncropped 4K 60p

Smart and Intuitive Focus

Best APS-C Mirrorless Camera

Canon EOS R7

15fps Burst Shooting


Great 4k Video Capabilities

Best Full-Frame Entry-Level

Canon EOS R8

Affordable and Compact

Great Value for Money

Uncropped 4K movie

Here is My Full List of the Best Canon Cameras in 2023


Best Canon Camera

Canon EOS R3

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Best Mid-Range Mirrorless Camera

Canon EOS R6 Mark II

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Best APS-C Mirrorless Camera

Canon EOS R7

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Best Full-Frame Entry-Level Mirrorless Cameras

Canon EOS R8

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Best for Content Creators

Canon EOS R10

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Best Canon DSLR Full-Frame Camera

Canon EOS-1D X Mark III

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Best APS-C DSLR Camera

Canon EOS 90D

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Canon EOS R3: Best Canon Camera

Price: High-End (See the price on Amazon)
Sensor: 24.1 MP Full-frame CMOS
Processor: DIGIC X
ISO Range: 100-102400, Up to 204800
Continuous Shooting Speeds: 30 fps (Electronic), 12 fps (Mechanical)
AF Points: 1,053 with Dual Pixel CMOS AF
Special Features: Eye Control, Vehicle Detection
Viewfinder: 5.76M-dot, 120 fps, No Blackout
Screen: Vari-Angle Touch
Connectivity: LAN, GPS, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Why Choose the Canon EOS R3?

All-in-One Photography Solution – The Best Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

The Canon EOS R3 isn’t just a camera; it’s your entire photography studio in a compact form. From action shots to portraits, this camera has all the features you need. With Eye Control AF and Vehicle Detection, it’s like having an intelligent assistant by your side.

User-Friendly to the Core

The EOS R3 stands out for its intuitive interface. The groundbreaking Eye Control AF lets you focus just by looking at your subject. It’s as if the camera knows exactly what you want!

Creative Freedom Galore

With a whopping 1,053 AF Points, the EOS R3 opens up endless creative possibilities. Whether you’re into landscapes or action photography, this camera’s advanced AF system has got you covered.

Smart Auto-Follow Feature

The EOS R3’s auto-follow is a lifesaver. It adjusts the camera settings based on your scene, letting you concentrate on framing your shot. It’s like having a second pair of hands.

A Growing Community of Pros

The EOS R3 is fast becoming the preferred choice for professionals, creating a vibrant community. Online forums are filled with valuable tips and breathtaking photos taken with this camera.

What Makes the Canon EOS R3 Special?

Comfortable All-Day Shooting

The EOS R3 is designed for extended use. Its ergonomic features, like adjustable handlebars and customizable buttons, make it a pleasure to use. Plus, its high-speed shooting ensures you capture every moment.

Motivating and Easy to Use

The EOS R3’s features make photography not just simple but also inspiring. With Eye Control AF and an advanced AF system, capturing stunning shots has never been easier.

A Truly Immersive Experience

Using the EOS R3 feels like stepping into a new dimension of photography. The blackout-free EVF keeps you connected to your subject, offering a lifelike experience.

What Could Be Better?

Premium Investment

The EOS R3 comes with a hefty price tag. But if you’re committed to photography, it’s an investment worth making. Just be ready for some additional costs like extra batteries or a comfy strap.

Not Ideal for Casual Shooters

If you’re not planning to use all its advanced features, the EOS R3 might be too much. There are more budget-friendly options for casual photography.

Who Should Buy It?

If you’re a professional or a serious hobbyist looking to elevate your photography, the Canon EOS R3 is for you. It offers unparalleled features and creative freedom, making it the best choice for those who are serious about their craft.

Canon EOS R6 Mark II: The Ultimate Camera for Both Amateurs and Pros

Price Bracket: Mid-High-end (See the price on Amazon)
Sensor Specs: 24.2MP Full-frame CMOS
Image Processor: DIGIC X
ISO Flexibility: 100-102400
Fast Capture: Up to 40 fps in Burst Mode
Video Capabilities: 4K at 60 fps, 6K oversampled
Stabilization Features: 8-stop In-body Stabilizer
Smart Focus: Auto-detects People, Animals, Vehicles
Streaming Support: UVC/UAC, Full HD Live Stream
Lens Options: Canon RF, EF, EF-S with Adapter

Why Choose the Canon EOS R6 Mark II?

All-in-One Photography Solution

The Canon EOS R6 Mark II isn’t just a camera; it’s your complete photography toolkit. With a 24.2MP full-frame sensor and DIGIC X processor, this device is a performance beast. It’s like having a high-end studio that’s portable and user-friendly.

Versatility at Its Best

I’ve put this camera through its paces—low-light conditions, high-speed action, and even close-up shots. The flexible ISO range and rapid burst mode make it a multi-purpose tool. Compared to older DSLRs, this camera is a revolutionary upgrade.

Smart and Intuitive Focus

The camera’s auto-subject detection is a game-changer. On a recent nature photography outing, it seamlessly shifted focus between a moving animal and a static bird. It’s like having an intelligent assistant that knows your focus preferences.

Film-Like Video Quality

For those who also enjoy making videos, the 6K oversampled 4K video at 60 fps is a major win. I recently filmed a short project, and the output was on par with much more expensive professional setups.

A Sense of Community

One of the lesser-known perks of owning a Canon is the vibrant community of users. Whether it’s online discussions or local photography events, the sense of community is a big plus.

What Stands Out in the Canon EOS R6 Mark II?

Ergonomic Design

The camera’s design is ergonomic and user-friendly. After a long day of shooting, I had zero hand fatigue, which is a first for me.

Encourages More Shooting

Features like in-body stabilization and smart subject detection make photography more enjoyable. I found myself capturing more and reviewing less, focusing on creativity rather than technicalities.

Customizable User Experience

The EOS R6 Mark II offers a plethora of customization options. From setting up your own shooting modes to fine-tuning autofocus, it feels like this camera was tailor-made for me.

Any Downsides?

Premium Price

With a Mid-Range price tag, it’s a significant investment. However, given the range of features and performance, it’s worth every penny for serious photographers.

Additional Accessories

You may need to budget for extra batteries and high-speed SD cards, adding to the overall cost. But these are minor issues considering the camera’s capabilities.

Who Should Consider This Camera?

If you’re passionate about photography and require a device that matches your creative ambitions, the Canon EOS R6 Mark II is your best option. It’s a perfect blend of advanced tech and user-friendly features, suitable for both hobbyists and professionals.

So, if you’re contemplating an upgrade or even a brand switch, the EOS R6 Mark II is a great choice you’ll be happy with.

Canon EOS R7: A Top Choice for Photographers of All Levels

Price Range: Affordable (See the price on Amazon)
Sensor Type: 32.5 MP APS-C CMOS
Continuous Shooting Speeds: 15 FPS Mechanical Shutter
Focus System: Ultra-fast Autofocus
Stabilization: 5-Axis In-Body
Video Quality: 4K at 60 FPS
Processor: DIGIC X
Storage Options: UHS-II Compatible SD Card
Connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Lens Compatibility: Canon RF Mount

Why Choose the Canon EOS R7?

All-in-One Photography Solution

The Canon EOS R7 isn’t just a camera; it’s an all-encompassing photography tool. With its high-speed shooting and in-body stabilization, it’s as versatile as they come. Whether you’re into action shots or tranquil landscapes, this camera has got you covered.

Versatility at Its Best

The EOS R7 stands out for its wide range of applications. You can effortlessly switch from capturing fast-paced action to taking serene landscape photos, all without needing to change your equipment. It’s like having multiple specialized cameras in one.

Never Miss a Moment

With a 15 FPS mechanical shutter and ultra-fast autofocus, the EOS R7 ensures you capture every detail. Compared to other models that lag in speed, this camera is like a high-performance sports car in the world of photography.

What Makes the Canon EOS R7 Stand Out?

Ergonomic Design for Comfort

The EOS R7 scores high on comfort. Its ergonomic design and intuitive button layout make it a pleasure to use. It feels like this camera was designed with the user’s comfort in mind.

User-Friendly Interface Keeps You Engaged

The EOS R7 offers an intuitive user interface that acts like a personal guide, helping you navigate through its features effortlessly. Plus, the Canon community is a great source of inspiration, keeping you motivated to explore and create.

Exceptional Performance Across Conditions

The 5-axis in-body stabilization and high-res APS-C sensor ensure that every shot is a potential masterpiece. Whether you’re shooting in low light or capturing fast action, the camera performs remarkably well.

What Could Be Better?

Investment Required

Although the EOS R7 comes with an affordable price tag, It’s an investment. But one that serious photographers will find worthwhile.

Additional Expenses

You might need to budget for accessories like extra interchangeable lenses or another SD card. But considering the camera’s capabilities, these are minor trade-offs.

Who Should Consider the Canon EOS R7?

If you’re a photography enthusiast, whether a beginner or a pro, looking for a versatile and reliable camera, the Canon EOS R7 is a strong contender. While it may not be the most budget-friendly option, it offers a comprehensive set of features that are hard to beat.

In summary, if you’re willing to invest in top-quality photography equipment, the EOS R7 should be at the top of your list. And if you’re looking for budget options, stay tuned. But if you’re ready to elevate your photography game, look no further.

Canon EOS R8: The Ultimate Choice for Photographers

Price Range: Affordable (See the price on Amazon)
Sensor Specs: 24.2 MP Full-frame CMOS
Focus Features: Dual Pixel CMOS AF II
Video Capabilities: 4K at 60 fps, Uncropped
Recording Time: Up to 2 Hours
Viewfinder: OLED EVF with 2.36 Million Dots
Screen: 3-inch Vari-angle LCD with 1.62 Million Dots
Webcam Compatibility: UVC/UAC Supported
Design: Compact and Lightweight
Lens Mount: Canon RF

Why Should You Opt for the Canon EOS R8?

  • Top-notch Image Quality
  • Fast and Precise Autofocus
  • High quality Video Recording
  • Creative In-camera Compositing
  • User-friendly Viewfinder and Display
  • Easy Live Streaming

More Than Just a Camera: A Complete Photography Studio

The Canon EOS R8 is not merely a camera; it’s your all-in-one photography studio. With features like a 24.2 MP full-frame CMOS sensor, Dual Pixel CMOS AF II, and 4K video, this camera is a powerhouse for both stills and motion pictures.

What sets it apart? Versatility. Whether you’re a professional sports shooter, or a hobbyist capturing serene landscapes, the EOS R8 has you covered. Its in-camera compositing lets you create high-dynamic range photos without needing extra software.

User Experience: A Cut Above the Rest

Navigating the EOS R8 is a joy. Autofocus is quick and accurate, ideal for capturing fast subjects. The OLED EVF and Vari-angle LCD offer a clear, comprehensive view, making framing your shots a breeze.

Having used various digital cameras over two decades, the EOS R8’s interface stands out as one of the most intuitive. The touchscreen is responsive, and menu navigation is straightforward.

Performance Metrics: Beyond Expectations

I put the EOS R8 to the test in different conditions—low light, high-speed action, and live streaming. It excelled in all. The 4K video is sharp, and the 2-hour max recording time ensures you capture every moment.

Compared to other models like the Nikon Z7, the EOS R8 shines in autofocus speed and image clarity. The Dual Pixel CMOS AF II is particularly impressive for action shots.

Points to Consider

Although the EOS R8 comes with an affordable price tag, It’s an investment. However, if photography is more than just a hobby for you, it’s a worthy investment.

Who’s the Ideal User?

If you seek a compact camera offering excellent image quality, quick autofocus, and a host of advanced features, look no further than the Canon EOS R8. It’s not just a camera; it’s a comprehensive photography solution for both pros and enthusiasts.

Ready to elevate your photography game? The Canon EOS R8 is the camera to beat. Once you experience its capabilities, there’s no looking back.

Canon EOS R10: The Ultimate Choice for Photographers

Price Range: Affordable (See the price on Amazon)
Sensor Type: 24.2 MP CMOS (APS-C)
Shutter Speed: 15 FPS Mechanical
Auto-Focus: Ultra-Fast
Design: Compact and Lightweight
Processor: DIGIC X
Storage Options: SD Card, Compatible with UHS-II
Lens Compatibility: Canon RF Mount
Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Webcam Capabilities: High-Quality with EOS Webcam Utility Software

Why Opt for the Canon EOS R10?

All-in-One Photography Solution

The Canon EOS R10 is more than just a camera. It’s a full-fledged photography studio that fits in your bag. With its 24.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, you’re equipped to capture high quality images, from breathtaking landscapes to detailed portraits.

User-Friendly to the Core

The EOS R10 stands out for its ease of use. The ultra-fast autofocus ensures you never miss a moment, making it the most user-friendly camera I’ve ever used.

Versatility at Its Best

Whether you’re into action shots or serene landscapes, the EOS R10 has you covered. The 15 FPS mechanical shutter is ideal for capturing fast-paced action, offering unparalleled versatility.

Auto-Adjust for Effortless Shots

The camera’s auto-follow feature takes care of real-time adjustments, letting you focus on your subject. It’s like having an assistant who handles all the technicalities for you.

Join a Community of Enthusiasts

Owning an EOS R10 gives you access to a vibrant community of photographers, from beginner photographers to professional photographers. Share your work, learn new techniques, and stay inspired.

What Makes the EOS R10 Stand Out?

Comfort for Extended Shooting

The EOS R10 is designed for long-lasting comfort. The ergonomic design and adjustable handlebars allow for all-day shooting without fatigue.

Stay Motivated with Diverse Features

The EOS R10 keeps photography exciting. The range of modes and settings encourages you to experiment, making photography more than just a hobby.

A Truly Immersive Experience

The high-resolution viewfinder and LCD screen offer an immersive experience, making you feel like you’re part of the scene you’re capturing.

What Could Be Better?

A Significant Investment

While the EOS R10 offers exceptional features, it comes at a premium price. However, if you’re committed to photography, it’s an investment that pays off.

Additional Expenses

The camera is feature-rich, but you might need to budget for extras like additional batteries or a more comfortable strap.

Who Should Consider the EOS R10?

If you’re in search of a compact camera that combines professional features, ease of use, and a supportive community, the EOS R10 is your go-to option. It’s not just a camera; it’s a comprehensive photography experience.

Ready to elevate your photography game? The Canon EOS R10 offers unmatched features, versatility, and community engagement, setting it apart from other Canon models.

Canon EOS-1D X Mark III: The Best Canon DSLR Cameras

Price Bracket: High-end (See the price on Amazon)
Sensor Specs: 20.1MP Full-frame CMOS
Processing Unit: DIGIC X
ISO Flexibility: 100-102400, up to 50-819200
Focus Points: 191
Shooting Speed: 16 fps with viewfinder, 20 fps in Live View
Video Capabilities: 4K at 60fps, 5.5K RAW
Storage Options: Dual CFexpress Slots
Wireless Features: Built-in Wi-Fi
Durability: Weather and Dust Resistant

Why Opt for the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III?

A Comprehensive Photography Solution

The Canon EOS-1D X Mark III isn’t just a camera, it’s one of the best cameras; it’s a full-fledged photography system. With a 20.1MP Full-frame CMOS sensor and DIGIC X processor, it delivers top-notch image quality. Whether you’re an indoor studio photographer or an outdoor action shooter, this camera is your reliable companion.

Performance That Stands Out

What makes this camera a standout is its unbeatable speed and focus accuracy. Having tried multiple DSLRs, the EOS-1D X Mark III’s 191-point AF System is in a league of its own. It’s like having an extra set of eyes that are always on point.

Multi-Functional Capabilities

Picture this: shooting cinema-quality 4K videos and then seamlessly switching to capture breathtaking stills. The EOS-1D X Mark III makes this a reality with its 4K 60fps and 5.5K RAW video options, unparalleled in the DSLR category.

What’s to Love About the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III?

Built to Last

The EOS-1D X Mark III is robust yet agile. Its weather and dust-resistant construction lets you shoot in diverse conditions. I’ve personally used this camera in extreme weather, and it performed flawlessly.

Instant Sharing Made Easy

The Wi-Fi feature is a boon for photographers needing immediate image sharing. I could send high-res photos directly to clients right from the camera, streamlining my workflow.

Community Engagement

Similar to how Peloton has a vibrant fitness community, the EOS-1D X Mark III enjoys a dedicated following among pro photographers. Online forums offer a wealth of shared knowledge, tips, and of course, awe-inspiring photos.

What’s Not to Love?

Investment Required

Let’s be clear; this camera is a significant investment. With that price tag, it’s not for everyone. But for serious photographers, it’s worth every dollar.

Additional Expenses

The camera is just part of the equation. To fully utilize its capabilities, you’ll need to invest in quality lenses and CFexpress cards, which can add to the overall cost.

Who Should Consider This Camera?

If you’re a professional photographer seeking a tool that matches your skill and creativity, the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III is your go-to option. It outperforms, offers more features, and provides greater versatility than any other Canon DSLR. While it comes at a premium, the quality of output is invaluable.

Ready to elevate your photography game?

Canon EOS 90D: The Ultimate Camera for Every Photographer

Price Range: Affordable (See the price on Amazon)
Sensor Quality: 32.5 MP CMOS (APS-C)
Shooting Speed: Up to 10 fps
Video Capabilities: 4K UHD at 30fps, FHD at 120fps
Focus System: 45-point cross-type AF
Face Recognition: 220,000 Pixel New AE Sensor with EOS iTR AF
ISO Flexibility: 100-25000, expandable to 51200
Processing Power: DIGIC 8
Wireless Features: Bluetooth and WiFi enabled
Webcam Functionality: Available

Why Choose the Canon EOS 90D?

Your All-in-One Photography Studio

The Canon EOS 90D is more than just a camera. It’s a comprehensive photography studio that fits right into your hands. Whether you’re capturing fast-paced sports or intricate details in nature, this camera has it all.

Versatility at Its Best

Having used multiple cameras over two decades, the EOS 90D stands out for its versatility. The 32.5 MP sensor and 45-point cross-type AF system make it ideal for a range of photography styles, from action shots to portraits.

Endless Creative Possibilities

With features like high-speed continuous shooting at 10 fps and 4K UHD video, the EOS 90D keeps your creative options wide open. Whether you’re filming a vlog or capturing a skateboard trick, this camera has got you covered.

User-Friendly Experience

The Dual Pixel CMOS AF in Live View offers 5,481 selectable AF positions, giving you unprecedented control over your compositions. Plus, the face detection feature ensures your portraits look magazine-worthy every time.

What Could Be Better?

Investment Required

Quality comes at a price, and the EOS 90D is no exception. Although affordable, it’s an investment but one that pays off if you’re serious about photography.

Extra Expenses

You might need to budget for additional accessories like interchangeable lenses or an extra battery. However, these are worthwhile investments for the quality and versatility you get.

Who Should Buy the EOS 90D?

If you’re passionate about photography and need a versatile camera, the EOS 90D is for you. It’s perfect for various photography styles and skill levels. So, if you’re still using an older model or a different brand, consider making the switch to the EOS 90D. Your portfolio will thank you.

Canon Cameras: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to selecting the perfect digital camera, Canon stands out as a reliable and innovative brand, offering a range of options to suit various needs and preferences. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, understanding the nuances of Canon’s offerings can significantly enhance your photography experience.

Here I will give a bit more general information in addition to what is written above.

Compact and Powerful: The Canon G Series

The Canon Powershot G series is a popular choice among photography enthusiasts, known for its compact size and impressive capabilities. The G9XII, in particular, has garnered attention for its user-friendly interface and high-quality image output. With a 20-megapixel resolution and a bright touch screen, it provides a seamless shooting experience, fitting comfortably in your hand like a deck of playing cards.

Or, an interchangeable lens camera like the Canon EOS Rebel SL3 can be the perfect companion. It’s the smallest and lightest EOS DSLR canon’s camera up to April 2019.

I wouldn’t go for the Canon EOS M series because this lineup is discontinued and is quite limited in comparison to Canon’s other lineups like the EOS R and the EF, EF-S.

Budget-Friendly Options: Maximizing Quality without Breaking the Bank

For those on a tighter budget, the Canon R100 offers a fantastic balance between cost and performance, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. Additionally, the Canon Powershot SX110 IS, with its grainy, film-like aesthetic, serves as a testament to Canon’s ability to deliver unique visual experiences, even in lower-end models.


The Quest for Quality: Investing in Durability and Performance

Investing in a Canon camera is not just about capturing stunning images; it’s also about choosing a device that stands the test of time. The Canon EOS Rebel T series, for example, is a testament to Canon’s commitment to durability and performance, ensuring that your investment pays off in the long run.


In the ever-evolving world of digital photography, Canon continues to set the standard with its diverse range of cameras, catering to both beginners and professionals alike. By understanding the unique features and benefits of each model, you can make an informed decision, ensuring that your Canon camera becomes a trusted companion in your photographic journey.


Why Canon EOS R6 Mark II Wins the Day

After reviewing the best mirrorless cameras, and the best DSLR cameras.

Although the Canon R3 is the best Canon camera, its price is primarily for professional photographers.

So, I picked the Canon EOS R6 Mark II over its rivals. 


Simple: it excels in offering an unbeatable blend of top-notch performance, adaptability, and ease of use. Equipped with a 24.2MP full-frame sensor and DIGIC X processor, this camera ensures that you’re not just clicking photos—you’re creating masterpieces. With 6K oversampled 4K video at 60 fps, it’s also a top pick for videography. Did we mention smart subject detection? It’s like having an assistant that knows whether you’re shooting portraits, wildlife, or fast cars. Comfort? Check. Customization? Check. The EOS R6 Mark II stands out as the complete package.

Runner-Ups: Canon EOS R7 & Canon EOS R8 Deserve a Mention

The Canon EOS R7 isn’t far behind. Its 32.5 MP APS-C CMOS sensor and 15 FPS mechanical shutter make it an ideal choice for action shots. However, it’s priced higher and leans towards specialization rather than being a versatile tool, making it our second pick.

The Canon EOS R8 packs a punch with its 24.2 MP full-frame CMOS sensor and Dual Pixel CMOS AF II, but it falls short in some areas. While it excels in video capabilities and even supports UVC/UAC for live streaming, it lacks some of the creative in-camera options seen in other models.

To sum it up, the Canon EOS R6 Mark II is your best bet for a camera that delivers on all fronts. It’s the option that takes your photography game to the next level, offering both quality and versatility. So, are you ready to make the upgrade?

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