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The Nikon Corporation was established on July 25, 1917, by a merger of two leading Japanese optical manufacturers and formed Nippon Kogaku K.K.

Nippon Kogaku K.K. became Nikon Corporation in April 1988. The name “Nikon” originated from the abbreviation of the official company name (Nippon Kogaku K.K.). Which created “NIKKO” with the addition of the letter “n” to give a more masculine impression.

The Nikon Corp has 4 main businesses:

  • Imaging Products Business
  • Precision Equipment Business
  • Healthcare Business
  • Industrial Metrology & Others

Here we’ll focus on the Imaging Products Business which includes: Digital cameras, Film cameras, Interchangeable lenses, Speedlights, Software, Sports optics

Nikon’s main reported product categories in the Imaging Products Business are:

  • DCIL(Digital Camera-Interchangeable Lens Type)
  • Interchangeable Lens

*** The company stopped reporting the CDSC (Compact Digital Still Camera) segment in the last report that was published on the 08/08/2023

According to Nikon’s financial reports released on February 08, 2024, the company expects that the market size will grow (for the financial year ending March 31, 2024) as a result of digital camera-interchangeable lens market, which reflects strong sales of the mirrorless cameras overall.

Nikon continues to focus on the mid/high-end cameras that target professional photographers and hobbyists alike. Especially those of Z 8 full-frame mirrorless camera released in May 2023.

The sales of high-priced lenses are increasing. Interchangeable lens markets will continue to grow, as will the overall market volumes.

the DICL market expansion is driven mainly by China. Nikon’s new products (the Z 8 and the Z f) are selling well. and Nikon has advanced its shift to mirrorless cameras and interchangeable lenses for mirrorless cameras.

Nikon estimates that it will have about 13.1% market share in the Digital Camera-Interchangeable Lens Type segment. They updated their estimate that the Market Scale will grow to 6.1 million units in their forecasts for 2024 (from 6.3 million units in Nov. 09, 2023), and Nikon is expected to sell about 800 thousand units.

In the Interchangeable Lens segment, Nikon estimates it will have about 12.5% market share. Their forecast for 2024 in the Interchangeable Lenses is that the Market Scale will be 9.8 million units, and Nikon is expected to sell about 1.25 million units (updated from 10 million, and stayed the same on 1.25 million units respectively in the Nov. 09, 2023 report).

Nikon stopped reporting the Compact Digital Still Camera (CDSC), or Compact DSC segment. The last time they reported, Nikon estimated that it would have about 5.5% market share. Their forecasts for 2023 in the Compact Digital Still Camera was that the Market Scale will be 1,990 million units, and Nikon is expected to sell about 110 thousand units.

Nikon puts its focus on four major products in the last report (released on Feb. 08, 2023):

Mirrorless Cameras – mid to high-end products and interchangeable
lenses targeted at professionals and hobbyists, especially those of Z 8 full-frame mirrorless camera released in May 2023, and the Nikon Z f mirrorless camera, which the company launched the Z f in October 27, 2023, that mirrorless camera balancing a heritage design and the latest in superior performance, with a focus on video recording ease of use for the creator’s audience.

Also Nikon empfesize the vast NIKKOR lenses, and the new NIKKOR Z 135mm f/1.8 S Pelna Lens.

Major Trends

You can see that the overall trend is down until August 2020 (it’s the company’s first-quarter report). Since late 2020 you can see how the Interchangeable Lenses and the Digital Camera-Interchangeable Lens Type are stabilizing, and as the company reports, it expects that the mirrorless cameras and the interchangeable lenses markets will grow on higher demand.


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*** (Stoped Recorded)***
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